Khandelwal Edible Oils Ltd.
Welcomes You.

Khandelwal Edible Oils Ltd. has a Vegetable Edible Oil processing and packaging plant at Bareilly Uttar Pradesh. The Company is manufacturer and packer of Blended Edible Oils and packer of Mustard Oil, Soyabean Oil, Sunflower Oil, Til (Sesame) Oil, Pamolein Oil and Blended Tea. It is an emerging leader in the Edible Oil market and earned an unparalleled success and reputation within this short span of time, it is one of the best enterprises in India. Khandelwal Edible Oils is backed by sound infrastructure with storage capacity of 10000 ton followed by automatic and semi-automatic machines with total packing capacity of 500 TPD. 

As a responsible edible oil company, we ensure production of highest quality of products under stringent quality control certified by AGMARK with a focus on the overall well-being of the consumers. We have been able to capture a fair size of the edible oil market of Uttar Pradesh and moving forward to Bihar and Uttrakhand. 

The Company offers employment to over 800 people directly and to another couple of thousand indirectly through its chain of retailers, distributors, wholesalers. It also provides support to ancillary industries such as packaging material, carton manufacturing, tin manufacturing and other small and medium scale industries.


Dealing with Products

  • Chakra Agmark Blended Edible Vegetable Oil.

  • Tulsi Kachhi Ghani Agmark Mustard Oil.

  • Mohan Gold Agmark Mustard Oil.

  • Classic Refined Soyabean Oil.

  • Classic Kachhi Ghani Mustard Oil.

  • Classic Refined Til(Seasame) Oil.

  • Classic Refined Sunflower Oil.

  • Chakra Premium Tea.